Divorced at 30
Divorced at 30

The Complicated Blonde

Jessica is a the Founder of The Complicated Blonde and is a contributor to the site. Blonde bombshell. Suddenly single. Event planner. She is tackling a complicated life wearing bright lipstick and high heels. Check out her blog and follow her adventures!

Her Heart Heals

Meet Christina! Founder of Her Heart Heals. Join her on her blog and follow her as she shares her tips and techniques during each part of her journey to heal following divorce. 


Lauren Mckinley

A contributor to the site, Lauren McKinley is the founder of Her Soul Repair; blogger; author; and teacher. She is a creative optimist who enjoys time with her dreamy husband & babies, strong coffee, sunshine, local breweries, live music, and adventuring to new places. Check out her blog! Lauren currently resides in Southern California with her family. Follow her on her blog



This is Jack. Founder of F-Divorce. Jack is angry, happy, heartbroken, hopeful, full of despair, full of inspiration. Jack is divorced and, in his words, "it sucks." Follow him on his blog as he navigates his new life.


Shelley Hopper

Shelley is the founder of Salty Sweet Seasons. She is a clean-ish eating mama to a cub, living where the air is salty and life is sweet. She is an advocate for endometriosis. She is wanderlusting through mom-life and writing about it. Check out her site!



Jeremiah Kiehl

A contributor to the site, Jeremiah is a broker and founder of OutFitnw, a site dedicated to fatherhood, fitness, fashion, and outdoor fun. He is a single dad of 4 awesome kids who loves sports, travelling, and writing. You can catch him on his site, or instagram.