Divorced at 30
Divorced at 30

My Letter to You

This is such an exciting day for me! It is with so much joy that I announce the launch of my new website,  The Splendid Path

From this day forward, you can find all our articles at our new home, www.thesplendidpath.com

You may be wondering why I made the switch from Divorced at 30, to The Splendid Path. Simply stated, developing a website and creating content that was exclusively dedicated to divorce felt limiting. 

Please don't fret as I haven't abandoned all of my previous content. I've transferred over some of my most favourite Divorced at 30 articles.

At The Splendid Path, I will continue to share my story with you. This includes my experience with divorce, past traumas, and my struggle with mental health. If you are going through your own hardships, I hope that you can find comfort in my words and know that you aren't alone.

I have been through a lot and now I make wellness my mission. I understand the connection between emotional, physical and mental health, and how each has to be cared for to ensure holistic wellness. Every day, I strive to be my healthiest self. I make self-care a priority and actively practice self-care habits that work for me. Most importantly, I love myself every day, no matter what I look like, what job I have, how much I weigh, where I live, what relationship I'm in, or where I'm at in my personal growth journey. 

I am excited to share all that I've learned and all that has helped me. I also want to share everything I encounter on my own journey to walk my own Splendid Path that brings me happiness, joy and peace - all the things that make my life Splendid. My personal journey has led me to this place and I'm so inspired to create something that honors my past but also embraces my present and looks forward to my beautiful future.

I will explore everything that is near and dear to my heart - things like travel, family, fitness, yoga, mindfulness, health and wellness, to name a few. I will share with you things that have helped me heal. I will explore topics that can help you find fulfillment, happiness and authenticity in your life.  I will be sharing poetry, motivation and inspiration. I will talk about dating, love and relationships. I will write about lighter subjects too, such as the best wine to buy on a budget, or my favourite affordable jewelry brands. I will write about what has brought me, and continues to bring me, peace, simplicity, joy and happiness.  I will lay out how I found my very own splendid path and will help guide you to finding yours.

I am very excited about a few new inclusions over at The Splendid Path, specifically The Splendid Path Shop! Here, you will find our favorite products! Everything from stylish office supplies, our favorite fitness gear, rad technology tools, hair care products to up your hair game, makeup for a flawless face, skin care to change your skin, and books on our bookshelf. 

So, are you ready to find your own splendid path? The time is now! Click on the link below and join us!