10 Ways to find Happiness during your Divorce
There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path
— Buddah

By: Alexandra Eva-May

During this time it's so important to do what you can to find happiness in your life. Check out some ideas below to inspire you.

1. Make time for family - During this time it's so important to make time for your family. Time spent with them will remind you of your roots. Your family will help you feel like you're home again. They will remind you of who you were, who you are and who you will become.

2. Girl/ Guy time - Studies say that spending time with your friends is just as beneficial for your physical well-being as exercise and healthy nutrition. You may have neglected the relationships with some of your friends during this time in your life. Get back in touch! Grab a coffee. Go for drinks. Spend time with those people who love you and just want you to be happy. You'll feel instantly better after some quality time spent with your buds.

3. Find a new passion - Ask yourself: what have I always wanted to do? Dig deep to discover your true interests and passions. Pursue that thing your heart is telling you. Maybe it's photography. Perhaps you've always wanted to learn how to play guitar. Whatever it is, go after it with all your heart. New passions will bring newfound joy to your life.

4. Date - This is a tricky one. Some of you may not be ready to date and that is 100% understandable. But if you feel like you're maybe ready to get back out there, give it a go. Will you meet the love of your life? Not necessarily. The possibility exists of course, but at the very least, you'll meet some new people. More than that, it will show you that there are other people out there. To be cliché, it will show you that there are so many other fish in the sea.

5. Travel - This is so important! Maybe it's time for you to go all Eat, Pray, Love. Take that huge trip you've been planning in your mind for years. There is nothing like world travel to completely blow your mind and discover new parts about yourself. Maybe this isn't a possibility for you because of financial restraints or other responsibilities and obligations. In that case, at the very least, take a weekend road-trip or two. There is nothing like time away to help you reconnect with yourself. 

6. Treat yourself - Now is the time to treat yourself with ultimate kindness. Plan that spa day. Redecorate your place. Buy that ridiculously overpriced pair of shoes. The point is to put yourself first and do something, just for you. Make yourself happy and do that thing you've been putting off. Spoil yourself! 

7. Makeover - Always wanted to be a blonde? Go for it! Kept your hair long because your ex liked that, but you always wanted to try a cute pixie? Get yourself to a stylist. Invest in good skincare! Go through your wardrobe and decide what stays and what you can chuck. Buy yourself some new pieces that make your heart happy! 

8. Make a dream board - I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but stick with me. The essential idea behind a dream board is to think about your dreams and true passions and to represent those dreams in a physical way. You don't necessarily need to do a traditional dream board where you cut and paste. Maybe its a web-based, mind-map. Maybe it's just a list. Either way, once you have the board, you can remind yourself every day about what you want for your life, moving forward.

9. Volunteer - We focus on enriching our physical health through exercise and nutrition. We focus on improving our mental health, by spending time with loved ones and going to therapy. We focus on enriching our spiritual health through religion, yoga, or some other spiritual connection. But we don't focus enough on enriching our whole spirit by giving back to others. Volunteering is an unbelievable way to connect with other people and help make this world a better place. It's also an amazing way to bring meaning and happiness to your life. 

10. Give gratitude - Think about all those amazing things in your life and be thankful. Give gratitude every day for something. Even for the little things. Giving gratitude will remind you of all the wonderful things you do have in your life, and all the beautiful things you have to look forward to in your future.  


Founder of the site Divorced at 30, Alexandra is a blogger who is passionate about speaking her truth. She is on a healing journey as she enters this new chapter in her life. A mental health advocate, she is passionate about motivating others to find “the light” and attain peace.