Nature Truly Heals

By: Alexandra Eva-May

I was pretty low over the summer. For financial reasons, I had recently moved back in with my parents. I felt like my life had done this depressing full-circle. Here I was, 31, separated, broke, and to top it off, living in my child-hood room with all my belongings in storage. I felt like I was back where I had started out in life, and it didn't feel good.

Over the winter, I turned to alcohol A LOT to numb the pain and to forget it all. But that never really worked the way I wanted it to. The pain actually felt significantly worse and the memories were amplified by booze. I emotionally and mentally fell to pieces during some of those nights when the wine was flowing. I knew it wasn't the path to healing. 

I had to do something different. Therapy helped and continues to help, friends help, family helps, instagram and all the amazing strong people out there with similar stories help; however, it wasn't enough.

This past summer, on a whim, I decided to make an effort to spend more time outside. I had heard and read about the healing power of nature, and I know how amazing I feel when I spend time in the mountains, skiing, so I figured there had to be something to it.

I got out there. I immersed myself in the natural world. I started going for walks, spent time at the lake and started running through the river valley. On those runs, for the first time since I separated, I started to actually feel like things would turn around. I felt more centered. I felt more stable. I smiled. I cried. I talked to God. I felt something bigger than myself.

I started to heal in a way I hadn't experienced before. 

I truly believe in the authentic, amazing healing power that nature holds, because I have experienced it first-hand. In fact, it was on one of my runs through the river-valley that I decided to start this blog. And that has been the best decision I've made to date.

So get out there, feel the ground under your feet, breath the air around you, listen to the stillness, and be amazed by something so much bigger than yourself.


Founder of the site Divorced at 30, Alexandra is a blogger who is passionate about speaking her truth. She is on a healing journey as she enters this new chapter in her life. A mental health advocate, she is passionate about motivating others to find “the light” and attain peace.